Air Jordan 1 (I)

Air Jordan 1 release: 1984–1985

For Jordan Brand, it all started with Jordan 1. Jordan Brand launched Jordan 1 back in 1984, establishing itself as a brand of high performance shoes and as a cultural icon. The pair was so innovative for that time that the NBA banned it for the lack of white on them, a violation of the NBA’s “uniformity of uniform.” Michael Jordan wore the banned Air Jordan I anyways and the NBA fined him $5000 per game.

Many colors of Jordan 1 were released by Nike, as a result of which the sneaker industry was transformed forever. In fact, if samples were included, then 23 different colorways of Jordan I were released. Many of them were exclusive to particular areas, while others were extremely limited, but the demand for the original Air Jordan 1s rose quickly around the globe.

In 1994, Jordan I Retros were released in Black/Red and White/Black colorways, soon after Michael Jordan made the announcement that he was retiring. Jordan I was again retroed by Nike in 2001, which sold out even more successfully. Between 2001 and 2003, 14 other retroed models of Jordan 1 were released.